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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?
Send an email to or call (647) 970 0176 to book your event. Include the occasion, location, number of guests, date, and start time of your event. Your event is booked once your booking fee (50% of the total payment or more) is received. This amount is deducted from the total balance at no additional cost. Booking fee payment is accepted through E-transfer, Cash or Cheque.
How much time should I book? 
I recommend a minimum of 90min (1.5 hours). Different painting options require different amounts of time. For example, a full face painting can take between 5-10min while a small cheek or arm design can take 3-6min; a body painting takes significantly longer. It all depends on how many people will be painted and the itinerary for your event. Including the time of guests getting in and out of the chair, on average I paint 10 - 15 full face designs per hour.
Do I need to provide anything? 
Please provide a table and two chairs and ensure that the painting area is sheltered from the elements (sun, wind, rain, away from sound system speakers). I provide professional face paint, a design board, mirror, and insurance! Check out my Gallery for photo examples of my set up. 
Do you have an updated Vulnerable Sector Police Check (V.S.P.C.)?
Yes! A lot of my art and music events are at day cares and schools, therefore I have an updated Vulnerable Sector Police Check (V.S.P.C.). Copy of V.S.P.C. is available upon request.
Do you carry public liability insurance?
Absolutely! I have public liability insurance, as all professional face painters should have. 
Proof of insurance is available upon request.
Can I book multiple artists through RGB Face and Body Art?
Yes! I work with a variety of talented artists in Toronto that are available for high volume events. If you need multiple people for your event, I will bring a team.

What designs do you offer? Do you offer specialty designs?
I paint classic designs such as rainbows, butterflies, dragons, unicorns, etc. as well as trending designs. Check out my gallery for examples of my work. If I am given at least one week notice, I can create customized designs for your special event!
How far do you travel and what areas do you serve? Are there areas you don't travel to?
I currently serve the G.T.A. (Greater Toronto Area). Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, and Scarborough. I will travel across Ontario or even the world if the transportation and travel time is covered by the client. Please feel free to inquire if I do not have your city listed. All services may incur a travel fee, depending on the location of your event.
What kind of paints and products do you use?
I only use professional face paints from high quality brands:
Superstar, Fusion, Diamond FX, Mehron Paradise, Global, TAG, Sillyfarm Rainbow Cakes, Snazaroo, and Starblends. 

Is the glitter you use safe for the eyes?
Yes! I only use cosmetic grade glitter. The brands I use are:
Vivid Glitter, Amerikan Body Art Glitter, Mama Clown Glitter, Art Factory Festival Glitter, and Pixie Paint Glitter.

Is face paint safe and sanitary?
Yes! Professional face paint is make up with antibacterial properties. I use clean sponges and disposable applicators for each guest, and my face paint brushes are washed in gentle cleansing soap, rinsed, then disinfected in between each use. My kit is thoroughly sanitized and cleaned after each event. I only use cosmetic, skin safe, professional paint and glitter. You may have heard that acrylic paint and craft glitter are "non-toxic", but that does NOT mean that they are safe for the skin! Acrylic paint and craft glitter can cause rashes or a burning sensation on the skin, irreversible damage to the eyes, and are not covered by liability insurance. "Non-toxic" does NOT mean "skin safe"! 
What if my child has allergies/sensitivities?
Be sure to let me know of any sensitivities or allergies before I paint you/your child. I use non-latex glue as adhesive for face/body gems. If your child has never been painted before and you are unsure of sensitivities, I can provide a patch test on their arm or hand.
What if I have a shy or nervous child? 
I do not paint anyone who does not want to be painted. If a child is uncomfortable with paint being put on their face, I usually ask if they would like me to paint a design on their arm, or I'll wet my brush with water and put the bristles on their hand/arm so they can process the feeling of the wet brush on them. I also sometimes paint the child's parent or an older sibling first, and then after seeing the results, they may want to partake.

What if my child is very wiggly and won't sit still?​
As long as the child wants to be painted, I accept the challenge. Some kids are so excited to be painted, they wiggle in their seat, check the mirror every step of the way, or dart their heads looking around restlessly! I have a few entertaining tricks up my sleeve to get squirmy kids painted that leave parents asking, “How did you DO that?!" 
Who cannot get painted?
I do not paint children that are under the age of 2. Baby skin is very, very, delicate, and putting a makeup product on the skin of a baby during this sensitive time of their skin's development can create potential allergies later in their lives. If your child has never been painted before and you are unsure of sensitivities, I can provide a patch test on their arm or hand. I will not paint any child that is visibly sick, has open sores, or any child that does not want to be painted. 

How do I get the paint off?
Wash off the paint gently with a mild soap or warm water. DO NOT USE BABY WIPES TO REMOVE FACE PAINT! Some baby wipes contain harsh ingredients that may cause irritation to the skin when combined with cosmetic paints. Be sure to be gentle when cleaning, as rough washing can also cause skin irritation. Some paints such as reds and blues are more prone to temporarily tinting the skin than others. Leaving face paint on overnight is not recommended.
What can I expect at a maternity painting session?
And at what month of pregnancy should I book a painting session? 
I recommend for maternity paintings to take place around 30-34 weeks of pregnancy (less than 7 months) because the last months of pregnancy tend to be more uncomfortable for the model to have a painting and photo shoot done. The model will be sitting or laying down for the majority of the painting, and there will be times when they will be requested to stand. Maternity paintings take approximately 2 -3 hours to complete.
Any other questions? Email me at
Do you have public liability insurance?
How to book
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